CLX to Fanuc Remote Start

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This might be the wrong forum, so be patient.

I've done interfaces, via multiple protocols, to multiple Robot controllers over the years, Kuka, ABB, Espon, Mic, Motoman...

Seems like it should, would or could be easy to accomplish for Fanuc via E/IP.

The setup is easy enough, no issues with Generic EtherNet module configuration, establishing connection and exchanging data.

My question is how to get the robot to start, stop, pause or hold remotely.  Normally, I've searched for and found manuals from the various robot manufacturers and they have a written description and or timing charts for a sequence of operations or events to accomplish the remote starting, stopping, etc...  To date, I've googled that stuff, with no solution...  Has any one here, got an example, or a manual or a link to a manual that might describe this in some detail?

Thanks in advance

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It involves mapping the robot's UI & UO to the E/IP interface.  It can be done through the teach pendant.  Unfortunately I do not have the offline Fanuc s/w to show examples and Fanuc is pretty nasty about putting up links to their manual.  PM me and I can help you.

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You always have the most amazing work instructions.  Thanks.

As stated earlier, I'm past establishing comms.  It was more a question of basic UOP signal exchange, then timing and the sequence of the signal exchange to get the desired response and action from the robot.  @jstolaruk was able to PM me some links and find some timing charts and descriptions that have me well on my way.

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