Rslinx cannot set port type to 288

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Hi guys,
I am trying to connect AB compactlogix 1769-L30ER through Ethernet cable to my laptop. I use Rslinx version 3.9
When I enter IP address it can find the CPU without any problem but it does not show the I/O. When I check the driver diagnostic, it says: readup.gif
Can't set port type to 288: no harmony object for this Ethernet

I should mention that my OS is windows 7 and I turned off firewall as well.

So, what does it mean and how I can get rid of this message?


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This link may help:

You may want to try to delete the Harmony files too: go to either

C:\Program Files\Rockwell Software\RSCommon  

C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockwell Software\RSCommon

depending on if you have a 64 bit or 32 bit PC.

Delete Harmony.hrc and Harmony.rsh

(See Tech Note 769010 in the Rockwell Knowledgebase for more info on Harmony files)

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Thank AndrewG,

I have read mentioned post and also deleted harmony file as well. I have just one harmony file as " Harmony.rsh "

The problem is still on going and it is really bothering.

Every time it is created automatically in that folder.

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