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Hello everyone,

I am Nader Zouaoui an industrial engineering studen, I'm intern at a petrol terminal doing my end of study project there I happened to be working on a TWIDO PLC to be precise the twdlcaa24drf and the twdlcaa40drf.
What we aim to do is to collect the state of all the inputs at all time and send it to a computer that will log every change in the sensors state.
To that I thought about using the port 1 (the mini din used for the programming of the PLC) because that is the only one I have available.
So I wanted to know first is that even possible or not?
Second, and if so, do you have a tutorial link that you can send me on how to do it?
and third thank you very much for your help.
Best regards,
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You need to look at software which can communicate to the PLC.  Look for products like an OPC server, which can poll the PLC for data.  I am pretty sure Kepserver from Kepware has a driver for that PLC.

Then you need software to perform the data logging, or perhaps a way to hook into the OPC server from a software like Excel.

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