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We got a project for a small machine, customer has requested Schneider/Modicon for PLC/HMI. I haven't used any of it in several decades.

Any experts out there that can tell me what model PLC/HMI/Software I need to look at to replace what I thought would be a CompactLogix?

Need Ethernet/IP Scanner, maybe 16 in/out on the rack. The rest of the IO would be over EIP (a couple of valvestacks and a Fanuc R30 controller)
Low-ish IO count, a few pallet stops and a handful of cylinders and grippers.
The bulk of the programming will be in the Fanuc, the PLC will just handle the cylinders/conveyor/IO passthrough to the Fanuc.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


PS. Asked customer if they had any PLC's/HMI's in house so i could keep it somewhat the same, their answer was, and I quote, "I dunno, we just need Schneider"... It is for a Schneider Plant FYI.

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Would use a m340 plc with a NOC card (for the EIP portion) . Hmi you can use HMIstu (small and cheap) or if you need bigger screens then GTO series from Schneider

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