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 I am trying to connect a Weidmüller UR20 Ethernet I/P  (Hardware version 1) to a Omron NX1P2 PLC via Sysmac Studio. I have imported the Weidmüller EDS file into Sysmac studio and connected two tags to the target variable 101 and 102 (I also tried using a array of bytes and a single word).GVL.thumb.PNG.de1618da3e9d6a056b2ac1afc2



When I transfer this configuration to the controller and set the controller in run i get the following error: Tag Data Link Connection Failed (0x84070000). I have tried to update the firmware of the Weidmüller I/O but this doesn't seem to help. Also the web interface shows no connection with the PLC. 5a8553d884b75_Weidmller.thumb.PNG.f15ab0

I also tried to setup the connection with the CX network configurator but this gave the same result.

Is there someone who can help me with this problem

Thanks in advance.

Error Code.PNG

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