Running a FRD700 Drive Over Comms

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Hello, I am going to be doing a job using an FX3G-24M PLC and an FRD700 invertor. I am wondeirng how I send a setpoint and run/stop signal to this invertor? What bits of what words to I need to toggle to run this invertor. I have experience with Mitsi software and plcs but i have never had to setup a drive with comms. I am also using an FX3U4AD and a FX3U4DA. I will being using structured ladder as it is easier to break up the code in this manner, any advice or help on setting up the analogue cards would be helpful too, Its been a while but I remember it being a bit awkrard having to use head addresses and extracting data from buffer memoery etc.

Thanks in advance for any help givien.

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