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Is Omron still putting debris shield stickers on I/O cards?

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I just received a box of Omron parts from my supplier and they had dust/lint on them. That caught my eye so I looked harder and realized there are no stickers over the vents that I'm used to seeing. The ones to keep debris out during installation and say "remove after installation." 

These were purchased as NEW parts and they were inside their proper boxes sealed with Omron tamper tape intact. The boxes do not look like they have been opened. The PLC and I/O cards have MFG dates <6mos old. 

I am used to Omron components coming with the debris sticker, and had they not been covered in dust I probably wouldn't have missed them. I don't know what to think. Now I doubt my memory of the stickers; I know for a fact I've seen them on Omron PLCs and I/O cards, but on ALL of them? I'm just not sure. And now I can't remember when was the last time i specifically opened CJ1W I/O. So I Google Image searched my specific cards and found several images of them with the stickers. I know that, at some point, these stickers would have been on my cards.

Has Omron ceased the practice of installing these stickers? Or did I buy not-so-cleverly disguised used cards?

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