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Fx3ge to Fx3ge communication trough lan

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For my assignment, I need to control lights from 2 seperate locations. I have two FX3GE-24M plc's connected through a LAN network. The idea is that when input X004 gets high, relays Y000 to Y004 gets disabled.

I'm trying to use the Fixed Buffer communication protocol. 

Master IP address:

Slave IP address:

I'm using GX Works2 together with the FX configurator 

I'm lost in all the different datasheets... Could someone point me to the direction on what settings i need to change using fx configurator and a basic program of communication? 

Thanks in advance,


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Impossible Fixed buffer comm is only possible with the Enet module.

There is a FB for MC protocol but than you still need at least one Enet module.
Have you contacted Mitsubishi support on this?

Have you got an HMI connected to the PLC's?

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