Urgent need for CX-Supervisor v2.x

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The production environment has had a CX Supervisor package running since 2006. the internal computer finally bit the dust... We have managed to install XP on another PC. Supposedly it was all installed correctly off site and tested to run OK offsite. When connected to the (PLC) machine CX-Supervisor [v1.33] gives an error 1007. Probably its an communication error.

It seems that the back-up runtime version (sr2) was CX Supervisor v.2.1 from which we don't have a hash dongle. We only have a v1.3 version.  

According to the omron helpdesk, the only thing we can do to test the connections , is to install a v2.x trial version with the .sr2 file. There is no need for a usb-dongle in a trial version and it wil only work for 30 days. That would be sufficient for us, because the repair of the build-in system will take about two weeks. For now a complete production-line is out!

In short: We urgently are in need of CX-Supervisor v2.x trial installation package.

If anyone knows where to find it, it will be appreciated. 

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Thanks for the reply Garry,

Unfortunately I need the v2.x version to make things work with the runtime sr2 file. The download is from a later version.



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The new version should also work with your old project. If not, let us know why in case we can help on that. 


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