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Hi....I found an option in CX programmer as immediate refresh that I can activate in contact points.. Can someone please explain me, what does it mean and what are the uses I have with it??   I'm new with Cx Programming and I hope I'll get help here... :) :)  :-):-)

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18 hours ago, gclshortt said:

Immediate refresh means usually to refresh the physical I/O point. (!) 

Instead of waiting for the end of the scan to update the physical inputs and outputs, you can do this during the scan.
The above link is an explanation of the program scan.

Hope this helps you out.


Hi Garry, Really thank you for the information and it was really helpful and also I could get my job done. !!!!!!!

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One thing to keep in mind when using immediate refresh:

The I/O point referenced by the immediate refresh can change state in the middle of a program scan which could mean that any rungs which reference the I/O point before the refresh get different results than those after the refresh. In most cases this won't make any difference, but there is a possibility that it could cause weird results in the logic which are extremely difficult to debug.

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