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good day!

I would like to put some ascii code in a device:

D3000..D3009 has to be filled with 0x5F54 0x4F5F 0x4150 0x6F73...  ("_TO_APos") 

When I fill it using an ascii-input-field in the designer and press "enter" it works.

But I would like to put this text automatically in D3000 and following register, when the user press a switch-object.

I tried with an 10 actions  "keycode" but I don't see how to say that the key code shouls be saved in D3000.

Can somebody tell me the best way to fill more word devices with only one object switch?

Thanks in advance




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Just use "MOV" instructions in the PLC code with a trigger from e.g. M3000 that is pressed from the HMI. In other words, statically move the values (or even better $MOV with a string input)... Use the HMI to "trigger" the MOV.

-[M3000]--[$MOV '.....' D3000]

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