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Siemens S5 conversion to Logix5000

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I am Melani. I working on to convert Siemes S5 code to Logix5000.
Following is FB that need to convert.

Segment 1
Name :John

0005 :C DB 210
0006 :L FW 40
0007 :T DW 2
0008 :L DW 6
0009 :T DW 1
000A M001 :L KB 0
000B :O DW 1
000C :T FW 0
000D :L DW 1
000E :L KB 2
000F :+F
0010 :T DW 1
0011 :L DW 8
0012 :<F
0013 :JC =M001
0014 :L DW 2
0015 :T FW 40
0016 :C DB 150
0017 :L KB 0
0018 :T DW 1
0019 :T DW 2
001A :T DW 3
001B :***

How to convert this code to Logix5000 either structure text or ladder logic?
Thank you if anyone can help me to convert it.
Thank you.

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