QJ71C24N-R4 G.Input command

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I need some help with G.input and g.output commands.

I have a Q04UDEHCPU and my slots are as follow:

slot 0 - QJ61BT11N cclink

slot 1 - QJ61BT11N cclink

slot 2 - QJ71C24N-R4  2-channel RS4222/RS485


I need to have 2 separate RS485 stings going to different devices. I cannot find the way of setting up the g.output command.

G.Output "Un" (s1) (s2) (d)

"Un" says it is the start I/O signal of the module, but I am not sure what that means. What there be a different "Un" number for each channel? 


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This is the IO number of your QJ71C24 (please check your I/O assigment).

So in this case All modules use 32 points (hex 20) 

00 - CClink 1

20 -  CC-link 2

40 - C24

Un should be 4

Have  you looked at pre-defined protocol support this will make this very easy!!!


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Thanks Gambit. I think I almost had that figured out. I have used the A CPU's for 20 years & just starting to use the Q series on a few projects. So I am getting the impression that it will be easier (once I get it working once), but I am still getting started. 

What are these "pre-defined" protocols - you can point me in the right direction or towards a manual & that should be all I need.


Thanks again

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in short you can pre define the string you want to send. In GX Works look under tools for predifined protocol support function.

You can use this for serial and ethernet on modulen and CPU.



Q Corresponding Serial Communication Module User's Manual (Basic)


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