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Omron 1S Servo - self made cables .How to do it ?

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I have 200W - 200VAC : Omron R88D-1SN02H ECT Servodrive

and Omron R88M-1M20030T BS2 Servomotor

I wish to make myself the connection between Drive and Motor , with self made cables.

Connectors ( JAE ) - Japan Aviation Electronics

JN6FR02SM1 - 2 pins - brake cable in motor side

JN6FR07SM1 - 7 pins - encoder cable in motor side

JN6FS05SJ2 - 5 pins - power cable in motor side

Molex 55100-0670 - 6 pins - encoder cable connector in drive side - ( IEEE 1394 - Firewire 400 )


How can i know which it's pin #1 from each socket from Drive and Servomotor ?

Atention !!! I'm not talking about pin numerotation from connectors which i connect to drive or motor . I wish to know the pin #1 from Drive CN2 socket and from Motor sockets ( power , brake and encoder )

In MB-0161-1E_JN6.pdf you can see the numerotation of pins from "Receptacle" . That means , the "Receptacle" it's that part what is in Omron Servomotor ?

Or it's the part of JAE connectors , which it's inside of connector housing ?

The question is , how can i be sure i don't make a mistake, and i know the right numerotation of Encoder socket of Omron Drive : CN2 and the right numerotation of Omron Servomotor ( brake , power and encoder cable )

I've found schematics about how to connect the Drive with Motor with power , brake and encoder cables , but i didn't find a pin numerotation of sockets ( drive side CN2 encoder socket and power , brake and encoder from motor side )

I didn't find nowhere the right numerotation of pins from CN2 socket of Drive and from Servomotor sockets ( i find it something from above JN6 series connectors from JAE connectors )

I wish to know where can i find the numerotation of pins from Omron R88D-1SN02H ECT Servodrive and Omron R88M-1M20030T BS2 Servomotor

Specially , the Encoder cable numerotation from Drive side and Motor side .

I've noticed in attached picture the numerotation from Drive , CN2 encoder socket ( IEEE 1394 - Firewire 400 ) . That's correct ? It's right numerotation ?



















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