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Hi guys,

Do you have experience or know any good guides to set up a simulation case like this:

- Simulating a PLC program such that the "PLC" is accessible on the Ethernet (for example just locally).
- In addition, setting up the PLC settings with FINS protocol such that it is possible to write to the PLC with FINS protocol from another device.

The first part is  most important.

Best regards


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On 11/10/2017 at 4:08 PM, gclshortt said:

I ended up using a real PLC. It was too time consuming to find a way to talk with the simulated PLC with a external script.

The above threads may help you out.


Thank you for the reply Garry.  And yes, your guess is right. I have a Python script that will try to read and write data to and from the PLC.

I was hoping that someone had set up the cx-simulator with a PLC program for FINS communication and actually made it work writing and reading to the specified FINS node.

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