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Dear all,

I'm first time using M580 (hotstandby).

Now finish the configuration, but the problem is how to write the address for Digital Input, Digital Output, Analog Input, and RTD module in elementary variable ?

I try to put name DDI_1 and the address is same with M340 topology like %I2.  and for digital input but got message after build :

{Elementary Variables}    :     The instance is located on an address that isn't configured. :     DDI_1

Thank you for your advice




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Sorry, can't see nothing on your screenshot. The address %I2.1.0  means you have an DDI module in in ERIO Rack 2, first place on your backplane, channel 0.

But M580 don't support this legacy topological addressing for ERIO. Just click on your DDI module and you will see the DDT structure, which UnityPro assign to this module.

In this DDT you will find all your channel variables.

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