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I have a CJ1M-CPU13. It will be used for a prototype and later if successful, a better PLC fit will be employed.

This system does not have the ability to drive pulses for servo control. However, will this system relay a digital signal at ~1kHz?

I also need the PLC to count the pulses, reset at 1000 and start again continuously and never miss an input pulse.

I see that the published transactions give  <15 microsecond decision times. I would think it would be no issue.

Thank you.

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The CJ1M is an old unit.

Replacing it with CJ2M-CPU and one or two CJ2M-MD21* Pulse IO Modules is a far better option for High-Speed counters and Pulse control outputs.

IMHO you are going to waste a ton of time messing with the CJ1M for your application.

My 2 Cents.

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