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I have a couple of C200HS's set up with DIOs and they work very well for me. I use the ladders, Timers, KEEP, and Counters to control hydraulic injection molding machines. Those are the only PLC commands I really know and use.  For a new piece of equipment with solenoids and two speed motors, I will also use DIO cards and I am upgrading to a CJ1M. I do not use PLCs daily but I learn enough to program the machine and whenever, I need to go back to the PLC language, it is a new but quicker learning curve. My issue is this, I have a motor driven/air cylinder locking indexer (lazy susan) with 8 positions. Each station has a magnet for pick-up and one station has 2 magnets for a z-index. When I use a CTR to note the position, I want to store that number in non-volatile memory so when I re-power the machine, I do not have to spin the indexer to the home position.  How do I go about doing this?

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The counter (CNT) instruction by default is memory retentive. Since you only need 8 positions then, I would use a fixed set value for the counter. (#0008) 
Note: The reset will be the CNT done bit. See the above manual.

Another method that you may want to try is to use the increment (INC) instruction. You would increment a memory retentive address like Data Memory. (D0000) You can then compare the data memory with a value.

The above use the CP1H but the instructions would be similar.


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Thank you very much Garry.

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