Data logging 100+ channels and making reports

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Hello all 

i'm looking for some software to record a 100 plus channels maybe with an ascii string from a PLC?

i want to be able to assign each channel with a unit and a range, flagging feature would be nice. 

- selecting the channels i want to view 

- auto start recording

- save file and start new automatically 

-view and create reports 

preferably no additional hardware because of the amount of channels.

this is to record an operators every move so in events of damage or plant failure we can quickly identify the problem (point the finger) 

many thanks dan

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PeakHMI could be a solution.



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AdvancedHMI is a good package. It is written in VB.Net and runs on visual studio. This is a free software. Team this up with SQL Server and you have a good system for logging.

The above will be a sample of what you can do with AdvancedHMI. 

I hope this helps you out.


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