Micrologix 1400 HSC Issue

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Looking for help,

Have a Micrologix 1400, 1766-32BXBA. Using the Function file, configured HSC:4 to count pulses coming in on input I:0/6 and set the OMB to decimal 128, to turn on output O:0/7 when the High Preset is reached. The accumulator counts up fine, resets at the preset of 955, then counts up again but output O:0/7 does not turn on when the High Preset is reached. Any assistance will be greatly                 appreciated.

HSC:4 Configuration:  PFN=9, FE=1, AS=1, CE=1, CU=1, MOD=0, HIP=955, LOP=(-)2147483648, OVF=2147483647, UNF=(-)2147483648, OMB=128

Rest of configuration parameters are set to "0"

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