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Need help to connect to CP1L to read DM data

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I have been trying for several days just to get a CP1L to reply to my any message that I am sending to it.  I am using RS232 on the 2nd RS232 module(the first is connected to a NT unit).  It seems like when I connect a USB (A-B) cable together with a Serial(USB-RS232) cable together on the same notebook, all commands on the Serial side is ignored but when I removed the USB cable, the Serial side will just echo whatever I send over.  Is this connection normal?  Thank you in advance for any help!!



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Hi Linus,

Here are the following links for communication parameters:
In this manual look for  6-3 Serial Communications

Establish communication using CX programmer first with the serial port. This will prove your cable is correct. Then proceed to using any other software.


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