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Is there a possiblity to retrive password from mer file?
I wanted to restore mer to runtime with local directory and its asking me for password that i don't have. 
Could some one help?



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No one here can help you bypass any type of password. It's against the terms of use of the website.

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Can you log onto the FactoryTalk Local Directory separately from the Restore operation ?     Make sure you go through the process for configuring or resetting the Local Directory users and passwords (often the local Windows Administrator is the default user) first, so that you can at least log on to the FactoryTalk Local Directory.

If the application's Runtime file (*.MER) was created with a FactoryTalk Password, and you don't have that password, there's no way to Restore the MER into a Project file.   That's the basic protection against reverse engineering/modification that is built into the software.

Even if you do have a FactoryTalk password, the actual User passwords cannot be retrieved from the application.

As mentioned, the discussion of password cracking is against the terms of service for this website and is generally not allowed by the Forum community.

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