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      Hi all. I'm new here. Quick background on myself: I was a 6-and-out Navy Nuke Electrician on a Sub. I finished my service in Jan 2015 and immediately went to work as a shift electrician at a steel mill. I always say I was a good nuclear operator, but a poor electrician. However, I think I have learned rather quickly and really enjoy PLC's and HMI development. At my company, we have a lot of liberty to modify code, create new projects, etc.

     I primarily work with S7-300/S7-400 and GE UC's at work; and I have a Micrologix emulator and programming software I practice on. All of our HMI development is done in InTouch and I feel proficient with WW, having done some projects with Modbus/DASSIDirect on my own.

    As this is the first industrial automation job I have ever had, I only know about the software and hardware I have been exposed to at work. My question is what are other popular HMI software suites that major employers use (and customers prefer), because I'd really like to become very good at the programming/control side of my job.

    Thank you all very much.


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Adam, looks like you have been left hanging.  I would suggest Inductive Automation's Ignition for a SCADA to learn.  It seems to be gaining market share and is a very capable system.  It is also very different from WW so it would give you a feel for something different.  With HMI's I would recommend RedLion HMI's.  Great interface at good prices.  The best thing about learning for both of these is that the configuration software is available for free (2 hour limit on Ignition).  Inductive Automation also has a online University with free access to their training. 

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