"Ladder Logic" internal contact set-up

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Hi Everyone,

I'm working on my first PLC program and I have gotten my hands on some ladder logic I'm trying to duplicate.

I'm using SoMachine 4.1 and have started a new Ladder Logic diagram POU.

I'm curious on how do I create internal contacts.


24v--------l START BUTTON l----------------( COIL A)-----

--------------l COIL A CONTACT 1; attached to a real output, solenoid valvel-------------l COIL A INTERNAL CONTACT TO CLOSE l----------------

Are there standards for numbering and labeling?

I'm seeing L and U inside coil contacts. Does this have an underlying meaning according to standard?

Is there a RTO function inside SoMachine 4.1



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Just put the coil and type in any name. A popup will display asking you to create a variable. If you only want to use it in that pou just press enter. If you want to use it in other sections of your program select in the popup global variable. You do not have to give it an address.

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