CJ1M-CPU23 Reading a square wave

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I have a flowmeter (macnaught flowmeter) which says that it outputs a 2 square waves. I am unsure how to connect the flowmeter to my plc (CJ1M-CPU23), do I need an additional unit or can I use the general purpose IO things mentions in the manual (IN6-9 say they are high speed counters)? Any advice would be appreciated.



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Depending on the pulse frequency, you should be able to use the CPU23 high speed counter inputs.

Check the W395 manual for specific information on the built in I/O.

Hope this will help.

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Hi, Jay sharp


I thing this link may help you 

CJ1W-CT021 high speed input module it have following features:

input frequencies to 500 kHz.

• 32-bit counting range.

• Digital variable noise filter provided.

• 5, 12, 24 V line driver inputs available.

• Supports simple, ring, and linear counting modes.

• Supports two external control inputs, and a total of 16 functions can be set: open gate, close gate, preset, reset, capture, stop/capture/reset combinations, reset enable, and more.

• One Unit supports two external outputs and 30 internal outputs with counter value zone comparisons, target comparisons, delays, holds, programmable outputs, and hysteresis settings.

• Pulse rate measurement function and data logging.

• Counter outputs and external control inputs can be used to trigger interrupt tasks in the CPU.

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