PanelView 550 DH+ to RS232 or ENET converter?

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I'm trying to connect a 2711-K5A8L1 FRN 3.13 PanelView 550 (DH+ three wire connector) to a 1747-L553 SER C REV C (RS232 and ENET). I read that I may need FRN 3.3 on the PanelView 550 to do a passthrough. This will be a dedicated connection with no other devices. The PanelView 550 has only the three wire DH+ connector and an RS232 printer port. I was trying to connect PanelBuilder 32 to the RS232 port and may only have PRINT and DOWNLOAD capability on this port. Is there an inexpensive way to connect the PanelView 550 and the PLC CPU? Something like the 1761-NET-AIC would be fine, but I did not see an option for DH+  .

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Passthru serves no purpose with the equipment you have. But if you did, here how.

See pdf for operating system and firmware requirements for your SLC. And how to set the SLC up for passthru. But does not allow the PV to communicate with your SLC. It's for a PC to passthru the SLC to the PV.

Probably cheaper to pick up a Ethernet PV on ebay .


See link for DH+ to Ethernet converters $$$$



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