Omron 3G3MX2-AB004-V1 Inverter (VSD) Homing & Relative Move FB??

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Hello all,

I have a Omron 3G3MX2-AB004-V1 Inverter (VSD) connected via EtherCAT that I need to reference (home) and also perform a relative move.

I am looking for a Function Block with the following Inputs/Outputs for my Omron NX1P2-1140DT1 PLC for use in Sysmac Studio.

- Takes the Encoder signal as a Position obtained via a Motion Control Axis

(setup as an Encoder axis)
- Takes a Homing sensor input

(Sensor triggers on each conveyor belt cleat)
- Take either a Reference or RelativeMove signal (to Home the inverter or MoveRelative respectively)

- Takes the distance to move for a RelativeMove
- Forward
- Reverse
- Velocity
- Done
- Busy
- Error

Has anyone done this before from a PLC FB for this inverter who could help me please?

Many thanks,



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Hello, I've got the same problem like you. Do you have this resolved? Can you share your solution.


Thank you!

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