Factory Talk Studio - cant open an application

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Hi guys,

I am trying to open an application and i keep getting this error.

Failed to initialize the service: {3F883B87-2208-11D4-B0E7-001083022E04}

Does anyone know how to get rid of this error?


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KB article (access level: TechConnect):

They propose 12 possible fixes (I would start with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10-12 before the others):

1) Delete RNL files (hidden files located at C:\ProgramData\Rockwell Automation\FactoryTalk Activation (Win Vista/7) and reboot the PC

2) Reboot the PC and disable AVG if installed

3) Delete the cache folder for the project: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\RSView Enterprise\ME\HMI projects\[project name]

...and delete the .CAC and .WAT files from the tag folder.

4) Delete Harmony files (access level: everyone)

5) Go to task manager and close a Rockwell service and verify the status of a bunch of others (too many to list here...)

6) Restore the application from a .mer or .apa file to a new name.

7) Install a patch roll-up to the software (access level: everyone):

8) Disable UAC (access level: everyone):

9) Corrupted FActoryTalk Directory.  See solution 2 (access level: TechConnect)

Run the FactoryTalk Directory Configuration Wizard on local and network directories. If it fails, see this note (access level: everyone):

10) With the software closed, check for the shde.exe process in task manager.  If it's present, end all instances and reboot the PC

11) Backup the application and move it to a new application

12) Use the "Specify FactoryTalk Directory location" option in FactoryTalk tools menu

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Hello hi, 

Can anyone help me regarding factory talk view site edition - version 8.10.00

I am getting a list of errors when i connect Hmi to PLC controller - L71,

communication setup is done correctly, also my HMI tags resembles the same as in PLC controller tag

1. Expression contains a tag that has an error value .......

2. [Factory talk]: The item is no longer available .......

3. Failed to resolve Item's ID .....

i am unable to clear these error, my HMI page display is showing all error

kindly help !!!


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It appears that your HMI application is not properly communicating with the PLC, none of the tags are being updated (which is why they are in an ERROR state).

Was this a working system or is this a new startup?

The bottom-pane of the FTView SE runtime console has diagnostic messages.  Stretch this box open wider and post a screenshot.  This box will display the status, working or not-working, and guide you to what the root problem is.

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i need your help i cant open studio 5000 i have this error:

unable to load logix designer; failed to initalize factory talk activation (error code 8).

please help me

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I would suggest you guys start a new topic for your errors. Otherwise they get lost inside of someone else's topic.

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