Panel View 1000 and CompactLogix L32E cannot load the program

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Thanks for your time.  We have purchased from auction a Getinge Autoclave (sterilizer) with Allen-Bradley controls (CompactLogix L32E).  The machine has a PanelView Plus 1000 installed.  A CD came with the machine w/ the following files..

  • HMI Project - (.apa file)
  • Runtime (.mer file)

Their is also a compact flash card installed in the CompactLogix L32E.  On the Panel View, their is an external Compact Flash slot, but no card, and on the inside of the panel view (if i remove the back cover) their is a compact flash card slot with a card installed.  I haven't checked what is on either of those cards yet..

We cannot get the program to load on the panel view. When the machine is powered on, the panel view goes through a quick dos setup screen and then the screen turns blue and we are stuck with an hour glass icon.  The icon will move depending upon where you touch on the screen.  I can boot the panel view in safe mode (by hitting the default button, then reset) at which point I get a message stating that the machines files may be corrupted and leaves me the options to Download new Firmware, or Continue.  Hitting Continue nothing happens, and choosing Download gives me Ethernet, or Serial options.  The Panel View is connected to the PLC via ethernet so I choose this option and it  gets stuck at this point.

We do not want to make any changes to the program, but just to get it to run on the machine.  We do not have ANY of the software.

Any advise is greatly appreciated.


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I haven't tried to flash a PV+ before, but a colleague has with no difficulty.  For the fun of it, I just downloaded the firmware file for v5.10 firmware for a PV+ 700-1500.  When I tried to install the update utility, it told me that it requires that FT View Studio already be installed on the PC, which means that you're probably not going to be able to update the firmware without the HMI programming software.

You can use a CF card to load the .mer file onto the HMI, but I've never done it so I can't help you with instructions for that process.  I'm pretty sure you have to be able to get to the PV+ operating system for that to work, which it seems you can't do.

If I were in your shoes right now, I would contact my local Allen-Bradley distributor and ask for help.  Our local distributor here is really good and is very willing to go the extra mile to help us out.

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Thanks for the info. Upon further testing, I believe the internal flash card of the panelview is corrupted. I've removed the card and upon creating an image encountered corruption errors. I restored the image to a new card (SanDisk 16gb) and it loaded to the DOS screen (starting services) but froze their and never loaded windows. With the corrupted card, it loads the blue windows background but nothing else.

i have some engineers coming Tuesday to see if they can find the issue as well.

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