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I'm looking for some general information about different types of vibration/temperature sensors. What type, brand, model number, etc. will best fit my application. 

Scenario: I want to monitor the vibration and temperature of multiple motors and gearboxes for a large overhead conveyor system. If an oil leak occurs and temperature increases, I want to see a temp. alert via a HMI. If a something mechanical fails, I want to see a vibration alert via a HMI.

 I've looked into sensors that stick to the outside housing of the motors or gearboxes via a magnet. My concern is justifying the temperature readings. How accurate would a sensor that reads an "ambient" temperature be (compared to a thermocouple on the motor coil itself or some sort of probe)? Also, would the location of the magnet  on the motor or gearbox drastically affect the temp. or vib. readings?

Has anyone had success with a similar setup? If so, what devices did you utilize? Are these systems truly beneficial? 

I'm currently considering Banner's wireless products...

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Analog voltage or analog current or wireless?  I suggest analog current as they are less susceptible to induced electronic noise compared to analog voltage.

Both of these sensors, vibration and temperature, will monitor over a range.  You will need to determine what range you want to measure over.  MEMS, IMI, Banner Engineering (wireless), Hansford are all quality sesors.

Magnet-mount sensors may not hold up in your environment.

For temperature, what do you want to monitor?  Gearbox temp will probably be completely different than gear oil temp which will be different than bearing temperature.  Again, knowing the range of what you want to monitor is key.

CMC Industrial Electronics, IMI Sensors, Danfoss.  Many manufacturers of analog temp sensors.

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