Tag Group Syntax In FactoryTalk SE 9

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So I have been using Tag Groups for a while

But I have run into a problem that has me stumped

I am trying to get the .value of a tag group item and use it as part of a file path



Creating a file name from a tag.value

Set MyTagGroup = Application.CreateTagGroup(Me.AreaName)
Dim Dfile As String
Dim NewFile As Tag
MyTagGroup.Add "Recipe\Recipe_FBK_Formulation"
MyTagGroup.Active = True

Set NewFile = MyTagGroup.Item("Recipe\Recipe_FBK_Formulation")

Dfile = "C:\Access_DB\" & NewFile.Value & ".txt" 'name of  file

End Sub

Now the value of Tag Recipe\Recipe_FBK_Formulation is equal to "CF12GH" and will show that if I drop a string display object on the display

But when used as above, Instead of the value, it seems to be trying to use /::Recipe\Recipe_FBK_Formulation as the value not CF12GH
So what am I doing wrong


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