Mitsubishi equipment for sale (Q and FX series)

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Hi all.

I have some equipment not in use anymore. I'm able to send anywhere in the world for pre-paid items. PM me for prices/questions. Remember to be specific about which item(s) you are interested in as some of the equipment has been used and some are barely used.


1: Brand new (purchased about 1 year ago - never used):
1x 8slot backplane
1x QX80 input card
2x QY80 output cards
2x Q68TD-G-H01 temp input cards

2: Used for LAB about 2 years:
1x 8slot backplane
1x Q61P Power supply

3: Used for LAB:
1x Q33B 3-slot backplane (used about 6 years)
1x Q61P Power supply (used about 6 years)
1x Q03UDE CPU (used about 3 years)
1x Q03UDV CPU (used about 1 year)
1x QJ71MT91 ModbusTCP card (used about 3 years)
1x QJ71E71-100 Ethernet card (used about 3 years)

4: Used for production about 7 years:
1x 8slot backplane
1x Q61P Power supply
1x Q04UDEH CPU (used about 4 years)
2x QJ71E71-100 Ethernet card
1x QJ71MT91 ModbusTCP card
1x QJ71C24N-R4 serial card

1x QJ71MES96 Simple MES card

5: Brand new (purchased about 6 months ago, used for two days in LAB)
1x FX3U-16MR-ES







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