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I'm new in the forum. I kindly request a help for an idea on how to access the NOR0200 module without an issue. The problem is that I could not access the webpage with correct display. I am currently using Windows 7 as my OS, Java 8, and IE11.

As the manual indicate, the minimum IE version required is IE6, however I could not install those version same as to IE8 with the current OS version I have.

I tried the NOR using IE10, 11 and 12. I also tried a lower version of Java 7 update 51 but all the java related display does not display nor even show prompt of allowing to access. Some of the message display in setup were also messy. 

I would be very grateful if somebody could help me regarding this.

Thank you very much.


Best Regards,


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Hi there,

I use Win7 IE9 to access this module and sucsessfully.

1- The module must be configure using UnityPro, fill-in the IP-addr completely.

2- Build your configuration

3- After successfully, please re-start the PLC (switch OFF the power connection and switch ON again).

4- Open your IE, go to IP-addr (based on the step-1 above). There is a user name (default) = USER, password (default) = USER.

5- Follow the manual book of NOR0200 for the next step.


good luck,

Azdi Mus

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