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I'll try to condense, ask questions if needed...

1.  I have GE Proficy ME on my old PC, 7.0.

2.  I have a new PC - so I did the "Move Authorization" - which ultimately put it on a floppy (yes, a floppy, yes, I have one, yes it worked...so far...).

4.  The NEW PC - with the floppy - said Invalid Authorization Disk.  It would not let me move the key.

5.  Now I want the key back off the floppy and on my OLD PC.  I can only use ADD because MOVE wants to write on the disk again. 

6.  This version has no USB support, but I'm ok with that.  We have a new version on another PC that does do USB, and we used that to get the new PC working.  So I'm just stuck with making this old one work again. 

7.  Why won't it let me put the key back on??  It says - right in the window - this disk contains such-n-such a key - why is it Invalid?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Ok, minor change to situation - I have (inadvertently) erased the disk...but not before I wrote down the activation code.

There's a field to manually type in the activation code, and I've done that.

Now it says my serial and activation code don't match - which is odd since the serial number auto-filled itself in.

If I type in garbage numbers, it says they're garbage, so i fee like I've entered the right stuff.  Still, no dice.


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