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I'm trying to test the serial communications with my Micro820. I acquired a 2080-SERIALISOL so I could have "someone" to talk to.

I want to use RS485, so I figured that I'd have to connect:

  • Modbus pin 1 (D+) to serialisol pin A1 (+485)
  • Modbus pin 2 (D-) to serialisol pin B4 (-485)
  • Modbus pin 3 (GND) to serialisol pin A2 (GND)

Now when it comes to CCW, the thing gets a little harder. I know I need to use the MSG_MODBUS block (in fact I need 2, one for the modbus and another one for the serialisol), and I guess I specify the interface I'm using on the TargetCfg field (data type MODBUSTARPARA).

But how do I figure out that the Addr (UDINT) and Node (USINT) values are for my Modbus and Serialisol?

Or am I doing it wrong?

Does anybody know of any place where I can get some more guidance or even a funcional ladder program?

Thank you in advance

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