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Please I need a little help with a CQM1 plc and a DA021 because I need to control a sysdrive 3G3EV with the DA021, i dont know exactly how configure too 4-20ma and what address send the data to be converted to Analog output, i see something about APR function but I dont see any practical example.

In the application i have to change the speed of a motor from a hmi, I sink on a variable in the range from 0-100 and convert this too bdc and then send to the DA.

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CQM1H/CQM1 Series Dedicated I/O Units

See page 118 for an explanation of the Digital to Analog relationship.

See page 123 for programming examples using both the SCL3 instruction and APR instruction. I would be tempted to use the SCL3 but that is a preference.

Pay close attention to references to BCD and Binary (Omron's reference to Binary means that you should monitor it in Decimal because it is not BCD). Your DA021 card will require #0000 - #07FF Hex which is equivalent to &0000 - &2047 Decimal.

See if that helps you along. Please post back if you have more questions.

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