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Comunication HMI and PLC 5

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Hello every people,
I am working in to project with one PV Plus 1000 (2711P-B10C4A1 with Logic Module 2711P-RP1A), one KF2 and PLC 5/15, I have finish logic of PV 1000 and PLC 5, but the communication not good , this is the configuration made:






PLC 5/15 have address nodo 11

KF2 have address nodo 60

PV Plus 1000 have address nodo 0


DB9 (PLC) -- DB15 (KF2)

1--5--7  --->   8--6--7

DB9 (PV 1000) -- DB25  (KF2)

2--5--3   -----------------> 2--7--3

I wait for your help


Thank you       


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picture bad

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From your pictures, I notice that the Shortcut is pointed at the DF1 port.

Next thing is that in one picture the PV+ is Node 0 and in the other it is Node 15, not a big deal, but the you will need to correct node number to transfer the MER.

First make sure you are looking at the "Design (Local)" tab, then highlighting the 5/15 and "Apply".  Then press the "Copy from Design to Runtime".  Create your MER at the matching firmware level of the PV+.  Then transfer it, making sure to turn on the radio button for replace runtime communications.

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the problem continue, help me please


the address is correct and conection of cable is correct?

Please, see configuration in Serial  DF1 properties, is correct the current

is this picture in the PV 1000,


 this is my configuration current in the network



but the communication not good with the plc 5/15 and PV1000, In my PC (COM 1) with the RS LINX classic I can see KF2 (nodo 66) and PLC5/15 (nodo 11),but not i see KF2 (nodo 60) and PV 1000 (nodo 0)

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