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I was wondering if anyone have experience with Tia Portal Step7 v.14 and Step7 Classic v.5.5 located on a remote server?

We have several persons working on our PLC's. As it is they all have their own PC with Step7 + licenses.

We were thinking about moving the software environment onto a server to reduce license and maintenance costs.

Does anyone else have this setup? If yes do you have any tips or comments? Pros/cons?

I already know now that you cannot autodetect/configure new devices from a remote server as the Step7 detection protocol doesn't work through a router. We can live with that.

We need both TIA Portal and the Step7 Classic on the same server.


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You can keep the software installed on your local PCs and just host the licenses to a remote server that all of the PCs can reach out to with Activation License Manager.  The "remote license server" can just be another PC somewhere that all of the development PCs can ping.  You still need enough licenses to cover however many people will be using the software at the same time.

We use a similar setup with our virtual machines.  We have 5 PCs, each with their own set of licenses.  Each PC has several virtual machines, each with different versions of the programming software installed.  The virtual machines "borrow" the license from the host PC when needed, then return it when done.

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