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Is anyone experienced with Siemens 505 / FasTrack workshop 505? I have an old GE quick panel that has gone out and now must be replaced. Cant get the program out of it. No one has a documented copy of the PLC program, and no one has a copy of the Panel program. Have to rebuild the panel program from scratch for a new ProFace, but I need documented PLC program before I can even start that project.

I have the FasTrack workshop 505 software and the hardware key. Uploaded the PLC Logic and made an excel csv all of the address comments from the drawings for the inputs and outputs. Luckily the P&ID drawings also lists the "internal memory" addresses the inputs are mapped to. So about a 3rd of the memory bits and words are addressed, and the analog instruments reference the scaled values in the PLC program (the V addressed). Additionally I have documented all of the X and WX and WY and C bits and V word addresses that I can map directly to inputs or outputs, and documented a bunch of the analog scales in the SF section. What I can not seem to figure out is how to cross reference effectively, and how to view the data tables. Does anyone have any advise for this undertaking? I am at the point of pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to effectively cross reference. I have about 900 rungs that have NO user comments because they are all memory bits and words that are filled from operations that I have to sort out. I have done this plenty of times in S7 and Logix 500 and 5000. I am confident in my ability to understand the logic if I can figure out how to view some of these values that I know are setpoints. But since I cant tell what the data table values are and the outputs are going to memory addresses that are not commented, I can know that Compressor Cyl1 Suction Temp is the A that should be > or = to B, but not knowing what that B value is makes it so that the output of C3498 which crosses to a rung with 17 other AND components both NO and NC, I know this is all going to some sort of most likely a permissive, but permissive for WHAT? 

If anyone has some tips on setting this thing up to view things more effectively, or how to display the data tables, and not have the ladder view return to network 1 every time I switch views, That would be a huge help. and how do you make the ladder networks wrap? RS Logix does this automatically, I remember in S5 having to do something with the view to make that work. But I cant figure it out with TI 505. 




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