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Origin Search and Origin return CP1L-M60DT

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I am having trouble with homing my spindle using the org(889).

I have wired the phase-z (pin 19) to CIO 0.06 (Pulse output 0: Origin input signal) and a limit switch to 0.10 (Pulse output 0: Origin proximity input signal)

When I issue the RUN command and ORG(889) using the #0000, #0000 the spindle raises and slows to search for the origin input signal.

As far as I understand this should only need to be done once. After that I should be able to use ORG(889)#0000, #1000 to issue a origin return.

The (servo) spindle doesn't move when this is executed. My limit switch is a lever type that after it trips needs to allow the spindle to drop 0.33" before it resets. I need to have the spindle reset if it has been lowered even 0.005" for my application. I am not sure what I am missing.

I do not have a a CW limit input in this application as I was using this limit switch to kill motion of my spindle when at the highest position. Repeatability was not accurate enough. If I need a CW limit i will have to sacrifice an input as I am full at the moment. 

Looking at the Auxiliary Area Data  should I be setting A540.10 with 0.06?

I'm missing something.



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