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Hello All, 
I am using InTouch 10.1.301 and Archestra 3.1.301. I am attempting to use an archestra trend client with intouch historical data. I am not using the wonderware historian, rather the intouch LGH files archived on a network client machine. I also would like to use indirect tags to configure the archestra graphic and have built the custom properties to do this. My goal is to create a trend window using indirect tags, script naming the indirect tags for the pens when the window is called. 

As of right now, I have a very successful real time trend that refuses to load any historical data. 

The regular Intouch trend client loads the historical data without issue. 

I have set up the Historical Sources tab of the trend client to the LGH file share and set the UNC path. I have set up each of the Pens in the trend, and pointed their historical source at the name of the historical source in the historical sources tab. 

I have verified the historical source of InTouch is the same as the UNC path set up in the trend. 

I tried calling WW tech support and their recommendation was to use Memory tags vs indirect tags. This was the dumbest thing a tech support has ever recommended, but I went with it anyway. All this made me have to do is script the direct tag values to the mem tag values along with all of the dot fields AND have to create a "while running" script to update the mem tag value every second, because mem tag values are only updated when something triggers the value update. And it did nothing to pull in the historical data. 

I tried using direct tags and cut out the indirect and mem tags. This did nothing to pull in the historical data

I moved the historical source in both the trend setup and intouch setup to directory local to the Galaxy Repository. 

I found this article and I made another archstra symbol with the trend client, and configured it as recommended, no custom properties, pointed the pen directly at the direct intouch tag, and configured the historical source, also pointing the pen history at the source and directly to the intouch tag. ANNNDDDD its a stripped down real time trend with no history. 

I am getting very frustrated as all documentation and sources indicate this should be possible, WW tech support says it is possible, but I cannot get anything over tier 1 support on this version. Does anyone have any ideas?

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I just came across this same issue while upgrading from v10.1 to v11.1 and migrating to ArchestrA graphics. I found the article linked below that had the answer I was looking for. It turns out that under the Pen configuration tab, under the Historical heading at the bottom of the window, you don't use the "InTouch:" prefix before the tag name.

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