Can I simulate data logging?

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The software I am using is as follows: GT Designer3, GX Works2 and Melsoft navigator.

I am trying to set up data logging using a GOT 2000 HMI and Q Series plc (Q61P) but I do not have access to the HMI when I am not on site. I would like to be able to

log data and save it to a usb stick in a CSV file format. I am currently just running some code that will increment a value then decrement the value just so I

can have a varying device value to log. I am trying to log this to a memory stick in my laptop by running the simulation, it has not worked. So is there a way to actually test data 

logging without the HMI or will I just need to play about on site to get it working.


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Not that I know of.  Pretty sure that only works in the hardware, not in simulation.

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