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Anyone ever have this happen:   launch Network Config.. Go online, upload the devices that are there:


The NJ, The NA HMI, and a Ethernet/IP Generic drive (The EDS has been installed) ..  that's what you see above ..Click OK , and a "NO" to start a new list ... and get:                




Really .... DUH! .. where are the devices?


Anyone have any idea why the 3 devices didn't show up on the network line?     Thanks much... Regards, Michael



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OOOOps... was using wrong IP address...   nothing in the software suggested there was anything wrong .. It finds the items..  then fails to display them... DUH!   Yes.. I screwed up.. but Network Configurator needs several upgrades... :-)  That first frame above, was the result of "Uploading devices".. It then says "Lookie.. I found 3! .. which ones ya want?"   ..  then, "flat-line"... ha!    I didn't find any.. just kidding.

Us nubies have a hard time with non-intuitive software ... sad.


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