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I encountered a strange problem, I can ping my screen on the given ip adress, but when i click on connect after ctrl-i in designer, (ip setting checked) i cannot connect to the screen, it just freezes.

What could be the problem? Maybe some network setting not letting designer to connect?

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In the Transfer Settings, make sure your FINS Source Network Address is different from you FINS Destination Network Address. Typically I'll set the Source (This is your PC with CX Designer) to 0 and my screen to 1. You'll have to match what the NS is. The Destination Node Address is the NS's address and should be the last octet in the IP address. Your software is probably not freezing but has a very long communication time out. I've found it times out twice. I don't know why.

Also for some reason or another, you may have to reboot the NS before connecting.

Once you establish communications, go to Tools > Options > Transfer tab then check 'Save the transfer setting within the project'. This will save much grief.


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