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I have never used file registers in any program of mine but have come across a few programs with them.

The other week, I had to save the program from a dying A series plc (which now has completely gone - and is going to be replaced by a Q series)

When I uploaded the program I checked the 'file register' box (as there were some showing in the program in yellow)

And the program uploaded ok but when it came to the file registers, I got an error message saying they could not be uploaded as the parameters were wrong.

I tried several times but always the same message even though the uploaded program had a file register number in the parameters.


I then uploaded the program just checking the file registers box and 'something' uploaded without an error message (I saved this as a different program)

I have eventually to change this program from A to Q but I don't know if I have the file registers on either the first upload or the one with just the registers checked.

Actually I don't even know if they are used in the program but it is worrying me that I don't have them if they are.

Does anyone know where to look? or have had the same problem.



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It would seem we are all in the same boat, nobody knows much about file registers.

Ah well, I'll see what happens when I change it over.

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In the System Q you need to create the File register file. This means in the PLC parameters create a file for fileregisters and selecte the size.
you've probably set this to PLC RAM memory

After you've don that and do to the download pop up and change the target memory to PLC RAM. You will now see the Fileregister file name for downloading.

After you've downloaded this file you error should be gone

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The fileregisters in the system Q work exactly asthe A series. R0-R8192. With the RSET instruction you can change the blocks same as in the A series.

However in de System Q you can also adres the complete range directly by specifying ZR....
So when RSET = K0    then R0 = ZR0 and R8192 = ZR8192
But when RSET = K1   then R0 = ZR8193 ....... etc



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