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E5CC Temperature Controller

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Hi All Master,
I am new to Omron!
Can anyone please advise how to connect Omron PLC ( CJ1M CPU-11 + SCU41-V1) to E5CC temperature over Modbus RS-485.?
I tried the temperature controller with SCADA , it is successful and when i try with Omron PLC , it is not successful, 
I have tried with one temperature sensor as modbus slave and plc as master , successful as well .

Can anyone help me please ?

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From PM this morning:

I am new to PLC and started learning on Omron PLC. I have posted about E5CC temperature controller and ( CJ1M CPU 11+ SCU41-V1) on last Friday but nobody still haven't advise to that case. Very Sorry for distrubing you by sending PM and requesting for advise.

Firstly , i have tested with E5CC and SCADA(Indusoft) over Modbus RTU (2 wire, RS-485) ,I can read the process value and set point on SCADA. 

I tried again as SCU41-V1 as SERIAL GATEWAY and modbus temperatuer sensor as slave , i can read the temperature and humidity on PLC. The modbus master function block also i downloaded from this forum.
The file is attached.

when i connect to E5CC to SCU41-V1 , then can't read anything.

Then i tried to read and study of the W336 manual for SCU communication and E5CC communication manual , also.
But i can't really understand it.

I noticed that need to use PMCR instruction .
-  Control word C1 - means that let's say , if select the logical port 1 then i need to set as #1110 as i am using SCU41-v1 port 1 and set to 0. Understood that part. But not sure what means of logical port 0 to 7.Can use any port?

-Control word C2- i was confused. What does it mean for communication sequence number.
- First send word and first received also i am not clear.

The main is that before need to use PMCR , i need to set CX Protool and download to SCU. I am really to limit for CX-protocol part also.

I can't find all these in youtube or google , i found the manuals but i can't understand.

So please help me to explain and if possible , can you provide an example cx programmer sample.

Very sorry for giving you trouble.

Thanks a lot Master .


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Hi Jay Anthony,

Thanks a lot for you link i will study and try on it.

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Hello everyone can you help me how to setting or change auxiliary output indicator for temperature controller omron E5CC? This is have 3 output. SUB1,SUB2,SUB3.

My controller using SUB2 and SUB3,but i have problem output from SUB3 still problem. Now i need to change output to SUB1.

I try to change parameter but also cannot. It's still dificult for me.

Please help sir..


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