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Hello everyone!
Could someone help me and explain me this block of a ladder diagram I'm working with?

I do understand the M800 is always ON contact, for the PLC to not lose the values. 
Also I know that the DIV is a division, the FLT is a integer to floating point (thing I don't understand), the DEMUL is a floating point multiplication (thing I also don't understand), the INT is a floating point to 16-bit integer, and the MOV is for moving a value from a data register to an other data register.

Help... :(


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1 The value of D10 is divided by the value 10 the resultis placed in D20
2 The value in de 20 is change from integer value to a Real/floating point value (123,45). The result is placed in D22
3 using a floating point multiply command D22 (+D23) is multiplied with D240 (+D241). The result in placed in D26 (+ D27)
4 D26 (+D27) is made into an integer value again (-32,768 - 32767) this result is placed in D28
5 D28 is moved into D8271(which is s special register for a the potential meters of the FX PLC or analog module)

This last part is strange as this is the value Ch2 of the potential meters or analog Input module on the PLC and this is now overwritten by a programmed value.



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