Study on world SCADA market share: needing advice for Japan and South Korea job markets

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Hello everyone:

    as part of my master's thesis, I'm doing a study on SCADA software market share. What I'm trying to do is derive market share from the SCADA job market, all around the world. This methodology has been used in the past, but for select markets. See http://blog.ptsecurity.com/2012/11/scada-safety-in-numbers.html for an example in the russian market.

    I'm compiling a list of job offers, from the most relevant job search sites, and cataloging them into 19 (so far) vendors. I know there are biases in my data, but as the study is mostly qualitative, It's mostly ok for me.

    Given that, I'm struggling with two countries: Japan and South Korea. My methodology breaks down with these, as I get a very low number of job offers for the search terms I'm using: "SCADA" or its local derivatives (設備管理システム for Japan).

    I attach the raw excel data for the search (as of now).

    ANY help or commentary would be welcocome.

Kind regards,


Estudio mercado software SCADA.xls

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