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I am trying to program an assembly line for two kinds of product manufacturing. This products would be manufactured in a random sequence. I have 3 station in the assembly line and would like to know how to transfer data of product from one station to other station and reset the previous station. The manufacturing is high paced. 

the sequence of manufacturing is as follows: 

Part type 1 : The part is placed on station 1 and procedure is carried out on 2 and 3 and the part is taken out. This is the current process. 

We would be adding one more variety of part. 

Part type : It is scanned on the first station and an extra procedure is being carried on the third station. 


I want to take the data from station 1 and carry it over to station 2 and 3 respectively. and reset the station as it passes that station. 

Please let me know if you have any ideas. I have tried daisy chain programming but that might not work .

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