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NS8, Mitsubishi Modbus Connection

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Hi everyone! I just need some help regarding on a project I'm working on. The idea of my setup is I have an Omron NS8 HMI connected to Mitsubishi inverter (FR-D700) through Modbus RTU Protocol without any PLC (is this possible?). The master is HMI and the slave is inverter. I use this so that I'll just input a running frequency to the HMI and the HMI will write it to the frequency. I have completed the setup, wiring and parameter setting on the inverter.

Here is the problem, when I created a screen and transfer it to HMI and run some test, there is no reaction on the inverter and I just can't even make it run. On the screen, I created a Button for run signal with address "INVERTER:400009.02". Is there something wrong with my address or setting that I miss perhaps.

Any help or tips regarding this. Thank you in advance.

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Have you read through the Mitsubishi drive manual?  You have programmed the drive for the analog input command (i.e., analog current or analog voltage)?


You will want to add HMI indicator lights mapped to motor drive status registers (i.e., ON, Faulted, Running, Stopped, Speed Command, etc.).  These "idiot lights" come in really helpful with debugging communication.

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